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I want to congratulate you on an outstanding Topa Topa Mtn Folk Festival. I thought I'd provide some unsolicited feedback as a fellow appreciator of live music :) First, what an amazing lineup. You introduced me to some outstanding new favorite acts, highlighted some previous favs, promoted the impressive "up and comers" and gave us the chance to see Jake and company up close as they completely blew us away with their wildly talented and explosive tunes. I didn't hear anything but musical bliss all day! Second- the venue was fantastic. Libby Bowl was ideal for such a show. Well done! Vendors- I found it to be a nice array of options from the quirky beard bar (shoot- just shaved mine!) to various food options plus a great mix of beers and wines (discretion kept me from tasting them all, but I did enjoy a bit from each)! Vibe- perhaps the best part of the day. The crowd you attracted was appropriately excited, supportive of the acts, and kind to fellow fans. I'm sure you and Steve are exhausted, but you supported a great cause, promoted wonderful musicians, and gave a crowd a million smiles. Congratulations! ”

— Steve Keithley Yellow Belly Live Music Santa Barbara